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La Construcción de Cabezales ó Boquillas en Madera para Flauta Boehmes realizada de manera artesanal y con materiales naturales nobles.
- Diseñados para una ejecución de flexibilidad en intervalos, de forma homogénea entre octavas, amplitud y estabilidad.
- Debido a las distintas densidades y características propias de las maderas seleccionadas, se obtienen diferentes tímbres, colores y dinámicas en la ejecución de las flautas Traveseras.

- Los instrumentos construídos son piezas únicas, a pedido de músicos profesionales y/o estudiantes avanzados, las fotografías que encontrará en esta web son a título de ilustración.

- All the instruments that I build are unique pieces carried out exclusively to musicians' professional y/o advanced students order, being the pictures that he/she will find in this place to illustration title.
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Leandro cicconi luthier
 Ciudad de La Plata 

viernes, 26 de septiembre de 2008

Wooden Headjoints Flute

ebony maple guayacan -
wooden Boehm flute headjoints:
produce a warm, round and sweet sound. Designed to be played with flexibility in intervals, with homogeneity between octaves.
The stability and ease of play allow for nuance within a wide range of timbres, colours and dynamics, for the use in different musical styles.The woods used for each headjoint are carefully chosen.This headjoint combines brilliance with a rich dark sound and is capable of superb projection.
The response is quick in all registers and extreme dynamic contrasts are readily achievableThe ones that can be used with best results are:


models - headjoints wooden:
CONCERT FLUTE of Luxury:  African blackwood, purple heart, guayacán & palisander
CONCERT FLUTE Colour:  maple, lapacho, cleo pardo, urunday.- mora
/ SPECIAL  Construction of works in combined wood..

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/// ARTISAN OF MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: he started making musical instruments with the master Luthier Hernán Rojo in 1998. He worked with bow instruments and strings antiques instruments. Then he has specialized in creation off string instruments and flute headjoint made in wood. At the moment, through anthropological and historical investigation and studies of American Instruments, he developed his personal design and technique. //EXPOSITIONS: "LUTHERY IN BUENOS AIRES 2002/03/04/05/06/07/08/09" Argentine Luthiers Association, in the Japanese Garden, Buenos Aires, Argentine./"FLUTE PLAYER MEETING 2005" in San Martín de los Andes, Neuquén, Argentine. 3º INTERNATIONAL MEETING OF WIND INSTRUMENTS" School of Arts and Design, National University Cuyo- Mendoza, Argentina. 3rd. NATIONAL EXPOSITION OF MASTERS ARTISANS" Culture and Education – Rosario and National University Rosario – Argentina... Cel.: (54 11) 6 241 7419